Ricardo Dinis-Oliveira


RICARDO JORGE DINIS-OLIVEIRA, PhD, European PhD, DSc, is a Toxicologist and Forensic Sciences Expert. He develops its scientific and academic activity in the areas of Toxicology and Pharmacology of Psychoactive Substances, Pesticides and Medicines, in their preclinical, clinical, and forensic aspects and in Forensic Medicine. He has been supervising several Integrated Master’s dissertations, Master’s dissertations, and Doctoral theses. He is a member of the Editorial Board and Ambassador of several International Scientific Journals. He is the author of more than 160 articles published (representing more than 4700 citations) in international journals, indexed by peer review, and author of about 35 book chapters, 4 books and 4 national and 3 international patents. He is an Associate Professor with Habilitation at the University Institute of Health Sciences and of the Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto. He is an Integrated Researcher of the UCIBIO-REQUIMTE - Applied Molecular Biosciences Unit/ Associated Laboratory for Green Chemistry, Clean Technologies, and Processes and of the IINFACTS - Institute of Research and Advanced Training in Health Sciences and Technologies. He is the founder and current President of the Portuguese Association of Forensic Sciences (APCF). According to SCOPUS, his current h index is 29.