Anita McDonald

Birmingham Children's Hospital | NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Anita MacDonald OBE is Consultant Dietitian in Inherited Metabolic Disorders at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and an Honorary Professor in Dietetics at Plymouth University, UK. Although she semi-retired 5 years ago, she is even more involved in PKU work, concentrating solely on this group as well as doing some voluntary work for the National Society for PKU (NSPKU).
Her involvement in inherited metabolic disorders (IMD) has spanned almost all her working life (>40 years).
Dr MacDonald obtained her PhD in phenylketonuria (PKU) in 1999. She has directly cared for over 400 patients with PKU. She has always been involved in PKU research, supervises 5 PhD students, 2 Master students and lectures worldwide on PKU. She has around 450 publications – many are research publications on PKU.
She is a member of the European PKU Guidelines group (which is aiming to standardise PKU care across Europe), is a member of ESPKU Scientific Advisory Committee, and member of the UK NSPKU Medical Advisory Panel.