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XVII Congress of Food and Nutrition
I International Congress of Nutrition and Food

“Nutrition in the society of information”

In a society of information, constant, vibrant and less filtered, the health professionals, the agro-food sector and others, whose activities complement these areas, have the enormous responsibility of being the most concrete and reliable information-oriented vehicle to the people.

With this premise, the Organizing Committee together with the Scientific Committee, planned two dynamic days, so that professionals can access the most current and cutting-edge in the Nutrition and Food Sciences.
In the 2018 edition, in parallel with XVII Congress of Food and Nutrition, will be held the I International Congress of Food and Nutrition of the Portuguese Association of Nutrition.

The presence of a greater number of international speakers, along with renowned national speakers, will contribute to an extraordinary scientific environment of sharing knowledge and experience, aiming to promote a better application in practical activities.

Despite the add of an International Congress, the Organizing Committee kept the challenge and commitment to ensure easy and fair access to science, through the maintenance of reduced registration fee to promote the participation of all stakeholders.

In 2018, the Congress will be, once more, the reflexion of one of the major goals of the Portuguese Association of Nutrition: promote equitable access to science. Believing that this is the only way that all the professionals can be equipped with the tools that allow them to have an excellent practical activity..

The Organizing Committee
Célia Craveiro

The Scientific Committee
Nuno Borges

XVII Congresso de Nutrição e Alimentação & I Congresso Internacional de Nutrição e Alimentação, Todos os Direitos Reservados
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